School judged ‘outstanding’ in first Ofsted inspection

Staff, pupils, parents and governors from The Olive School, Bolton are celebrating after their school was judged ‘outstanding’ in all areas following its first Ofsted inspection.

An Ofsted inspection team visited the Bolton primary school, which opened in September 2016, on 10th and 11th July 2019.

The inspection report published this week highly commends The Olive School, Bolton in all areas, including its ‘consistently high-quality teaching’ and praising the school for its ‘pupils attaining very high standards’. Inspectors complimented the school’s principal, Sabina Saeed, and senior leadership team, with the report saying that the ‘highly effective and passionate leadership have rapidly established an excellent school.’

Ofsted inspectors also praised the ‘quality of teaching in all phases of the school and across all subjects.’ They noted that staff demonstrated great commitment, drive and passion for ensuring all pupils are provided with the best possible outcomes. They reported that ‘all staff are motivated by a powerful desire to provide children from the local community with the best opportunities to enable them to achieve great things in their future lives. This passion ensures all aspects of the school, including teaching and care, are outstanding.’

The inspection team found that pupils thoroughly enjoy their school experience, as well as progressing well academically. The Ofsted report states that pupils ‘enjoy themselves, but also take great care of each other because they value and respect one another’. The inspection team noted that ‘teachers make learning fun’ and ‘all pupils, including the most able and those with SEND, find their work challenging and engaging.’

Particular praise was made of the effectiveness of the school’s leadership saying ‘the relentless drive by the current principal and her predecessor’ have ensured ‘their pupils get the very best start in school.’ The report goes on to highlight that ‘both the current and the previous principals have been instrumental in ensuring teaching is of the highest quality’ and the leadership team ‘have used their knowledge of how to teach very effectively to help all teachers and learning coaches to be highly effective practitioners.’

Inspectors were also highly complimentary of the school’s early years provision, describing it ‘is a joyous place where children are happy and do not realise, they are learning. The environment is vibrant. There is a sense of fun.’ The report goes on to praise the school for inspiring its youngest pupils to be creative, stating that ‘children see Reception as a magical place, and it is one where their imagination is let loose.’

The school’s leadership specialism was praised as having ‘very strong promotion of pupils’ personal development and character’ going on to say that ‘these high expectations are fully achieved through an excellent range of enriching experiences in classrooms, around the school and from educational visits.’

Star Academies, the multi-academy trust which runs the school as well as the Ofsted outstanding  Eden Boys’ School, Bolton and 26 other schools nationwide, also received praise from the inspectors. The inspectors reported that Star Academies ‘is very clear about its ambitions for its pupils and for the communities their schools serve. The school’s ethos is a perfect match for the trust’s lofty aspirations.’ School governors were also lauded because they ‘are highly effective in supporting and challenging school leaders to provide high quality and well-rounded education.’

Key findings of Ofsted’s report include:

  • The combination of high expectations, high attainment, excellent personal development, care and support, all ensure pupils are very well prepared for their next stages of education.
  • There is a sense of joy throughout the school. Pupils work hard and play harmoniously.
  • Governors, school leaders and all staff strive to provide the very best education they can for the pupils of this school.
  • The combined effect of excellent leadership, care and teaching, result in pupils attaining very high standards, sometimes from very low starting points.
  • The rate of pupil attendance is very high because pupils love coming to this school. Pupils are very happy, enthusiastic and feel secure.
  • Pupils with SEND progress well. This is as a result of the early identification of their additional needs, the strategies they receive which are tailored to meet their specific needs and the very high expectations all staff have of these pupils.
  • Pupils’ excellent personal development results in behaviour in and around school to be exemplary.
  • The school has built an excellent reputation within the communities it serves. Leaders are very well placed to ensure the further expansion of the school is skilfully managed.

Sabina Saeed, Principal of The Olive School, Bolton, said: “I am overjoyed that our school has been recognised as ‘outstanding’ in all areas by Ofsted in its first inspection – what an amazing way to begin the new school year! It was wonderful to read the inspectors’ copious praise for the high quality of teaching, and the immense impact this has had on the development, outcomes and high aspirations of our children and the enjoyment they experience at our school.

“I am delighted that the hard work and commitment of our children, staff, parents and governors, and everything we have achieved together since the school opened, has been recognised.”

Mufti Hamid Patel CBE, Chief Executive of Star Academies, commented: “We are immensly proud of the school’s ‘outstanding’ status. It is incredibly pleasing that Ofsted has recognised the hard work and dedication of staff, governors, pupils and parents, guided by a highly-effective leadership team, to create an exemplary school. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making the school such an exceptional learning and leadership environment.”

Read the full Ofsted report here.

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School judged ‘outstanding’ in first Ofsted inspection

Staff, pupils, parents and governors from The Olive School, Bolton are celebrating after their school was judged ‘outstanding’ in all areas following its first Ofsted inspection.

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