Our Governing Body

Governor Information

Name Date of Appoint. Term of Appoint. Resignation (if applicable) Type of Appoint. Attendance 2018/19  Pecuniary Interests Declared 2018/19
Irfan Umarji Sept 2016 4 Years n/a Trust 2/3 None
Sohail Hakim Sept 2016 4 Years n/a Trust 3/3 None
Imran Patel July 2017 4 Years n/a Trust 2/3 None
Alexis Ryder Sept 2016 4 Years n/a Trust 3/3 None
Shehnaz Kotwal Sept 2016 4 Years n/a Trust 2/3 None
Zaid Issa Sept 2016 4 Years n/a Trust 2/3 None
Sabina Saeed Jan 2018 4 years n/a Staff: Principal 3/3 None
Farhat Shaheen March  2017 4 years n/a Parent 3/3 None
Shafiq Ahmed March 2017 4 years n/a Parent 1/3 None
Jennifer Taylor March 2018 4 years n/a Staff 3/3 None
Name Business Interests Declared 2019-2020
Name of Organisation Nature of Relationship Date from
Irfan Umarji None N/A N/A
Imran Patel I & F Trading Ltd Director July 2017
Alexis Ryder None N/A N/A
Sohail Hakim None N/A N/A
Shehnaz Kotwal None N/A N/A
Shafiq Ahmed None N/A N/A
Farhat Shaheen None N/A N/A
Zaid Issa None N/A N/A
Sabina Saeed None N/A N/A
Jennifer Taylor None N/A N/A

Note: All Governors are appointed for a 4 year term of office, except for the Principal, who occupies the office whilst in post.


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Staff, pupils, parents and governors from The Olive School, Bolton are celebrating after their school was judged ‘outstanding’ in all areas following its first Ofsted inspection.

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